For children

Children - a future to be built on optimism and internal strength

Nina and John, having five (5) children of their own understand the need to provide children the foundation on which their and future generations lives, families and existence depend.

Consequently a large portion of Bogdarnya resources are devoted to children – troughout the year. Year round caps; educational camps; language camps; equesterian and sports camps.

Career advisory programes. Oficcial school sessions in co-operation with State schools and parent assosiations.

Children's camp "Avos"

This camp take place trougout the summer vacations; as well as at every half-term break. Various options are offered. Tented; Hostel or village house. All are fully Certified and Governmentally approved...

English language course

Our courses are combination of practical experience in the English language and some sport activity such as horse riding...

Handicraft and motor skill sessions and games

Here our resident artist helps children overcome motor skill issues or hesitancies, or other social issues by use of painting or other artistic instruments...

Birthday parties

We organize parties with themes desired by the children and agreed by the parents. our chef has special suprises just for theese occasions/

Career advise and educational encouragement lectures

We provide oppotunity for children and young adults to discuss their educational issues...

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