Equestrian centre "KSK Bogdarnya"

Nina manages the equestrian interests of the farm and a main Part of her philosophy is the use of the horse to assist children and adults cope with the stresses of today. Discipline. Mutual respect and teamwork. Devotion. Kindness. Love of nature and animals.

To this end Nina has over 35 horses of her own and a team of fully qualified equestrian staff and trainers.

Vladimirskiy trakt

This is an event sponsored by us as a part of scheme to bring back the russian TROIKA to popularity, as well as to preserve the breed of Vladimir Heavy horse...

Fee: P.O.A.

Rent of stables

Rent of stable for your own horse.

Cost: from 10 000 RUB/month

Riding lessons

Under the guildance of our fully trained staff we provide the chance of learn, not only all aspects of riding a horsem but also how to equip, saddle up and all other aspects for all ages...

Fee: P.O.A.

Treks and endurance events

For experienced riders, or thouse new to riding but trained by us, we offer 1-2 our rides trough our wonderfull sandy forest roads, or along the banks and water meadows of the river Klyazma...

Fee: P.O.A.

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